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wholesale Kids Socks
girls ruffle socks
Detail Information Of This Products
Haining QiangYi Trading Co., Ltd.
Product Namegirls ruffle socks
Needle168N ,144N,128N 120N and 200N are ok
SizeOEM as customers requires
LogoJacquard or embroidery or printing
Toes linkHand linked toes/rosso linked toes
Terms of PaymentT/T, L/C,Western union, Money gram,paypal,Alibaba Trade Assurance
MOQ1000 pairs
Production Delivery time10-15 days after our samples
Approved and deposit received
ColorPantone color as customers ' requires
Weight35G/PAIR ( depend on different size as customers' requires )
Price TermsFOB Shanghai , Ningbo
Packaging Detailsas customers' comments
Welcome your inquire with artwork and samples.
OEM is available.
Sample delivery time5-7 working days
Payment terms50% deposit before production , 50%balacne before shipping
Type of shippingMaritime / Air Express
All type sock we can provide !!!
Our Service !!!
Congenital Advantages Of  Socks industry
1, socks store odd shortage, is a blank market, business is good to do
2, socks is a necessity of life, everyone needs, the market is huge.
3, socks monopoly investment is small, low cost, high profit, everyone can shop, everyone can do agents.
4, socks monopoly is a new industry, after the shop has a great influence, spread quickly, can quickly amass popular, live business.
5, socks small size, light weight, easy packaging, convenient transportation, low cost, easy to focus on purchase. Unlike other products, it is easy to "eat the price of tofu into meat."
6, socks are small fabrics, not afraid of pressure, not afraid of folding, not easy to break, reducing the risk of transport.
7, socks monopoly for the slow season, the season is not very strict requirements (there are sales of light, peak season), unlike clothing, shoes and hats and other easy to backlog products, reducing business risks
8, socks monopoly consumer target is prepared, the purpose is clear, does not require profound sales skills, no difficulty, no sales experience after a simple study can also be well managed.
9, socks monopoly has a scale effect, ordinary shopping malls, supermarkets cannot be compared, can form a strong consumer cohesion, compared with ordinary shopping malls, supermarkets, stores strong competitiveness, thus forming a "buy socks, go to monopoly" thinking fixed.
10, Socks are sold as a business, not as a combination of business and collateral management, and the service is guaranteed to form a good reputation and brand effect
11, Socks monopoly is a new thing with natural communication functions. Few publicity can form a deep impression in people's minds and reduce the cost of propaganda
12, socks purchase price is low, mostly between 0.10-5.80 RMB, retail price is sold to 1.00-50.00 RMB, double price increase, high profits, easy to make money.
13, socks are small, flexible business premises, easy to choose stores.
14. Socks are small in size and light in weight. They can be used to transport buses to township townships. They are quick and easy to use. They do not require separate transportation tools. They have low transportation costs and increase profit margins.
15. The receipt and delivery are simple. An e-mail or a phone call can be done. There is no need to send someone to purchase the goods.
16, socks, small size, shape, specifications, packaging and tidy, do not use the site, no special warehouse.
17, socks store design is simple, stylish and beautiful, ready-made decoration drawings, no need to invite people to design, easy to decorate.
18, socks store decoration is simple, low cost, less time-consuming, will be able to open shop soon.
19, socks is not prohibited items for business documents, procedures are easy.
20, socks monopoly more environmentally friendly, store environment is good, open and comfortable shop happy.
21, socks monopoly operation links are few, you can wholesale and retail.
22, socks store can see their own shop, can also ask people to sell.wholesale Kids Socks


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